Software Engineer

tel: +49 1781902469

email: hlolli@gmail.com



I'm a software-engineer and programmer-composer. I've have been writing code since I was 11 years old where I started out making websites for myself, counter-strike teams, friends and family.

Being an Icelander with a name which nobody can pronounce, I'm often nicknamed Ludwig.

I'm currently based in Berlin since 2015.

Motto: Get the job done. Then eat well, laugh often and enjoy life.

Spoken languages:






german - B2.1 Goethe Institut


2012-2015 Iceland University of the Arts

B.A Music Composition/Digital Arts/Piano



ADAC/PiNCAMP Nov 2019 ~

Contracted as senior full-stack engineer, building on a new website with reservation and booking functionalities for a new tourism startup under the flagship of ADAC in Berlin.

Visitor Travel Agency 2015 ~

A family run business in Iceland where I'm responsible for creating and maintaining the website with inqury, booking and reservation features written in Clojure and Clojurescript with cloud services.

WaveVideo June 2019 ~ Oct 2019

A contracted half a year project working on Android/iOS social-media project using clojurescript, react-native and firebase.

SchneeVonMorgen GmbH May 2017 ~ March 2019

A full-stack (all-around) position working on solving problems in media involving video and ads delivery, for all consumer platforms. I enjoyed great autonomy of choosing how I solved each problem.

Lambdawerk GmbH March 2016 ~ April 2017

Lambdawerk provided solutions for data in healthcare. I was responsible for coming up with front-end solutions for data written in XML using Clojure and Clojurescript.